Lionhead Motorsports – Club History

    The Alberta Beach radio control club was first formed in the spring of 2006. In the beginning the club was initially focused around cars, trucks and buggies with people just getting together to drive around the various sections of the park and surrounding areas. In 2009 it was expanded to to include various boat events, then saw another expansion in 2011 to offer fun-fly days for various types of aircrafts under 250g. This however changed in 2018 when boat, aircraft and general ground events were all dropped in favor of scale trail trucks and rock crawler based events. In 2020 new events were added to include 1/24 scale trail trucks offering a more affordable entry into the hobby for people on top of previous years 1/10 scale events. 

     Over the years I’ve met a lot of interesting people had lots of fun driving, boating and flying around the park and area. While events and such have changed over the years the clubs core ideal of just getting together for some fun has always remained the same and likely the reason that has kept it going this long. Over the years no single event ever really stood out above any other which is no doubt due to the open diversity of what people brought to the park which made for some fun times. We’ve had almost every imaginable type of event and looking back I can’t think there isn’t anything we haven’t tried as I was always looking for something new and open to suggestions from others.

    Since the clubs inception it has always made every effort to be a welcoming place for all ages and skill levels. Its also worth mentioning that every formal and informal event held has been offered at no cost to the participants, along with many other free services including repairs, soldering, and ramps to name a few.

Lionhead Motorsports Statistics : 2006 – 2019

Club Details
2006 – 2012: Events required no registration to participate
2013 – 2020: Events required registration to participate
2006 – 2019: Total number of participants – 38

R/C Events Featured
2006 – 2020: Surface R/C events held
2009 – 2011: Boat R/C events held
2014 – 2017: Boat R/C events held
2011 – 2017: Aircraft R/C events held
2006 – 2020: Total events offered – 158

Club Services
2006 – 2019: RC Car Action Magazine Digital/Paper 
2006 – 2019: No labour charge for repairs/soldering
2006 – 2020: Free use of all 9 club ramps
2006 – 2020: Free use of all 120 marker cones & materials
2008 – 2019: Free use of club charger & accessories
2010 – 2019: Free use of maintained R/C trail course
2010 – 2015: Free use of Traxxas Slash club vehicle
2010 – 2015: Free use of 6000mAh 2S LiPo batteries
2014 – 2017: Free flying lessons (Plane)
2017 – 2019: Free use of Axial SCX10 Deadbolt


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