Welcome to Lionhead Motorsports,

     Lionhead Motorsports is a club dedicated to bringing together radio controlled trail truck enthusiasts from Alberta Beach along with visitors from surrounding areas. The club features a very relaxed environment for all those interested allowing people of all skill levels to come have fun with others and discuss their trail trucks. This site features a few articles to get you started, history of the club, answers to frequently asked questions, a detailed list of upcoming events, some useful links along with a photo gallery and contact information. As with previous years I also have several scale licence plates available for anyone who is interested, though if you want a specific one let me know by April. I will also be continuing the program for creating your own scale accessories this year.

     I’m constantly scouting out new areas to run trail trucks outside of the park area especially with the removal of the nearby rock garden and bmx track in the fall of 2018. If you have a great trail spot you would like to share, let me know and I will pass it on here. I am also looking to add to the photo gallery, if you have a interesting photo of your R/C out on doing some trails or rock crawling and would like it added to the gallery contact me.

     There will be a number of changes for 2020 that I will be implementing over the the next few months before the new season starts. I will be removing the members and articles section and relocating relevant information to a new section named Toolbox which will feature helpful articles, coupons and other stuff. I will also be dropping a number of the dedicated member service for 2020 with this change. New for 2020 I will also be introducing new events tailored around 1/24 scale trail trucks. Those who aren’t familiar with trail trucks can find some additional information in the Getting Started article, I also included links to specific manufactures as well as some You Tube videos in the Links page.

     As mentioned 2020 will also feature new events for 1/24 scale trail trucks. The trail trucks will be open to specific 1/24 scale and give people a more affordable entry into scale R/C with many starting at around $130 and are really ready to run. This also gives another outlet for days to wet/cold to run 1/10 scale trucks outdoors. I hope to get a page with more information regarding this shortly. 

     If you have any questions regarding Lionhead Motorsports, the website, radio controlled vehicles, etc please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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